Description of Shuri-Te


Shuri-Te is one of the three most notable Okinawan Karate that existed during the 18th century, the other two being Naha-Te and Tomari-Te. At that time, all Okinawan martial arts were referred to as "te" or hand because of the hand-to-hand techniques that are commonly found in each style. Since each place had a different style unique to them, they were called as where they came from. In this case, Shuri-Te came from the village of Shuri. Shuri-te continuously developed and branched out, becoming the backbone for other notable styles such as:

  • Shōtōkan-ryū
  • Shōtōkai
  • Wadō-ryū
  • Shitō-ryū
  • Motobu-ryū
  • Shuri-ryū
  • Shōrin-ryū
  • Shudokan
  • Keishinkan
  • Shōrinji-ryū
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