Seiyo-No Shorin-Ryu Karate/Kobudo

Seiyo-No Shorin-Ryu History


The Seiyo-No Shorin-Ryu curriculum has a logical progression from 10th Kyu through 10th Dan. The twenty four katas are combat oriented; the basic hand and foot techniques; unarmed, armed self-defense; three step, two step, one step, foot technique, and free sparring; jujitsu, drills, break falls, and combinations all have the same characteristic in common--each has a least a "two-way" motion of performing them. As the student progresses up the ranks, variations are included for each technique previously learned, so that the "two-way" motion may become three or more, depending upon the individual technique.

A commonality which is inherent in the Seiyo-No Shorin-Ryu system, is it's insistence upon neutralization of your opponent using the least amount of force, but still extricating yourself from an undesirable situation. One might say that this isn't a new concept, which indeed it isn't. The difference in Seiyo-Shorin-Ryu, is that our students are expected to use, if the situation permits, the basic jujitsu and many variations to subdue and hold the opponent, until a determination can be made as to the next course of action. It is relatively easy to punch and kick someone, but it takes a greater amount of skill, and possibly less legal ramifications later, to be able to control the situation verbally first, physically second using joint manipulation methods, and thirdly using the punch and kick method of control. Each situation is different, therefore, common sense should dictate which method(s) are employed in any given potential confrontation in which you or your loved one's lives may be threatened.

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