Ninjutsu Overview


Ninjutsu history and origin may be tracked down to the 11th Century during the time of the Shogun and the Samurai. Warriors who did not want to submit under the power of a single warlord decided to go to the mountains and formed clans. To protect themselves, they developed skills such as Taijutsu (unarmed combat), Ba-jutsu (horsemanship) and Kyaku-jutsu (art of explosives).

Today, modern Ninjutsu cover most of but not limited to the following:

  • Tai-Jutsu
    Unarmed combat such as striking, blocking, grappling and silent movement.
  • Bo-Jutsu
    Fighting with the use of a stick, staff or similar.
  • Ken-Jutsu
    Fighting with the use of a sword.
  • Kaiten (Rolls)
  • Sheishin Teki Kyoyo
    Spiritual refinement that deals with controlling energy through meditation and breathing exercises.
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