Description of Kumdo


Kumdo is a modern martial art of swordsmanship practiced in Korea. It may be romanized as geomdo, komdo or gumdo meaning "the way of the sword". Kumdo descended from kendo, the Japanese martial art of swordsmanship from where it acquired its name. It must be pointed out that Kumdo must not be confused with Haidong GUmdo or Hankumdo, which have Korean origin. Ever since it was introduced to Korea from Japan, Kumdo has been a part of Korean culture and society.

When it first came to Japan in 1896, it was known as the Japanese term "gekiken" and was a form of police and military training. Most Korean martial arts were outlawed by the Japanese who in turn introduced Japanese martial arts like Judo and kendo. It immediately became popular and kumdo developed as kendo did. Its popularity caused it to be included inthe Korean school curriculum.

Although derived from kendo, kumdo has slight differences from the aforementioned martial art. For example, blue referee flags are used as opposed to kendo's red flags. There are also minor differences with the hakama that is used. These are, however, due to culutral differences between Korea and Japan.

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