An Introduction To Kenpo


Kenpo is a Japanese generic term that is used for multiple styles and systems of martial arts. Kempo, means "Law of the Fist" and is the Japanese translation of "Chuan Fa". While it is still practiced in some parts of Japan, most have changed into karate.

The term "Kenpo" is more popular in the west where refers to a multiple rapid-striking art developed in Hawaii. The main idea is that each strike aims for a specific reaction from the opponent, which then leads you to your next strike and the next and so on and so forth. The next strike, therefore, relies on how your enemy reacts to the strike prior to that. Kenpo aims to overwhelm the opponent by using multiple, sudden and rapid strikes until he is completely defeated or is off-guard enough for you to land a fatal blow. However, although this style is usually termed as kenpo, it must be noted that kenpo can generally refer to any martial art.

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