Hung Gar

Description of Hung Gar


Hung Gar is more or less an adaptation of the Tiger system of Shaolin that emphasizes close quarter techniques. Hung Gar isn’t much on distance fighting, although it is very effective in close quarter situations, such as alleys and in small rooms. It is a very strong system, teaching stylists to handle themselves properly in areas where other martial arts seem to fail.

Much emphasis is put on rooting the stances and staying very strong on the feet. Movements are very deliberate and powerful and unnecessary movements are generally avoided. With great influences from the tiger system, most hand strikes are close-fisted or tiger claw.

Having come from the south of China, many say that the emphasis on the stable footwork and strong stances is due to the fact that much fighting took place on unstable docks and piers in the southern ports of China.

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