Han Mu Do

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Han Mu Do is a Korean martial arts system that is composed of empty hand techniques, weapon arts and the study of ki as well as martial arts philosophy founded by He-Young Kimm. It was originally known as "Yuh Kwon Sul" or "Art of Throws and Punches". It also took on the name "Han Mu Yuh Kwon Sul" meaning "Korean Martial Art of Throws and Punches". Others who focus on Ki training were not so happy with the use of "Mu", which means martial arts because they believed that Han Mu Do's ki training was more than martial arts. They called Han Mu Do as just "Han Do", translating to "Way of Korean Martial Arts". It was in 1991 that Kimm decided to finally name his style Han Mu Do.

It is also known as a "cousin" to Hapkido. Hammudo is less aggressive than Hapkido. These two arts also vary in hand techniques wherein Hanmudo's hand techniques are both "hard" and "soft". They also vary in ki training. Hanmudo's Ki training begins by lying down then onto sitting and then standing and to the final Ki training position, which is moving meditation. Hapkido's Ki training does not move and is simply either sitting or standing position. Weapons training in Hanmudo is part of the early student's training while Hapkido involves weapons training in the advanced levels. Character development training is a philosophy of Hanmudo that does not exist in Hapkido.

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