Aikijujitsu Fighting Style, Concepts And Principles


Aikijujitsu is a Japanese martial art whose techniques and principles are derived from a combination of the principles of Aiki and Jujitsu. Aiki is a principle wherein a defender "blends" with an opponent in order to create an attack, which is at the same time a defense. Jujitsu, on the other hand, is the a system of minorly armed and even unarmed practitioners to fight, defend and win against armed and armored opponents. How these two combine into one strategic martial art will be discussed after a better explanation of Aiki and Jujitsu.

Strategy plays a role so important in martial arts that sometimes it is the reason for one's victory or defeat. Aiki states that a person must blend with whatever the opponent is thinking without him being able to figure out what you are thinking. Usually, an attacker will have a strategy planned based on what kind of strategy he thinks his target will draw out. Following Aiki's principles, you being the defender must be fluid and flexible. Instead of having one strategy, have several strategies so that your thinking pattern will be flexible depending on what he does next. Your thinking and delivery must be fluid so it is not slow and rough. Successfully pulling this off will make it seem like you have "no strategy" and will somewhat hinder your attacker from developing a strategy of his own.

Jujitsu is pretty simple. The main idea is that a person who is armed with so little or not armed at all can take on, defend and win against an armed and armored opponent. In some cases, it is about a smaller, weaker person against a larger, stronger assailant. That being said, physical strength is useless. Strikes may be rendered ineffective against armor and reach so Jujitsu then focuses on locks, grips and holds. One must not waste energy striking ineffectively so when one strikes, the strike must be effective and fatal; brought down at the right place, at the right time.

From here we can say that Aiki principles create the opportunity that Jujitsu is waiting for. Both go with each other in the sense that they do not concentrate so much on how to overpower the opponent by means of physical strength, thus the principle and concept of AIkijujitsu.

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