Episode 6 - Interview with Antonio Graceffo, Martial Arts Author and Adventurer

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Antonio Graceffo is a true martial arts anthropologist and adventurer. Learning obscure styles of martial arts all over southeast Asia, Antonio shares his experiences of studying at the Shaolin Temple, a Muay Thai Temple in Thailand and studying with other locally known masters of styles such as Kuntaw, Bokator and variations of Muay Thai.

He’s the host of the "Martial Arts Odyssey" author of “The Monk from Brooklyn”, and the “Warrior Odyssey”, among several others. Discover what life is like for a a man who has dedicated his entire life to preserving the legacy of the martial arts. Antonio Graceffo is truly inspiring to anyone interested martial arts history.

Learn more about Antonio at his website: SpeakingAdventure.com/

Antonio Graceffo
Muay Thai
Muay Boran
Muay Chaiya
Arnis Lanada
Shaolin Temple