E22 - Interview with Shihan John James


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Shihan John James is currently the vice president of the Kempo Lo Kahi association of America. But in past years has had the opportunity to call himself a student and disciple of the revered Professor Nick Cerio, who was the founder of Nick Cerios Kempo and also helped to popularize kempo karate in New England. Prior to Professor Cerio’s passing in 1998 Sensee James was appointed to the executive board of Nick Cerios Kempo. He’s contributed to the martial arts lineage project and helped me to understand some of the intricacies of Professor Cerio’s lineage and is going to share with us some interesting discoveries he’s made in the history of Kempo during fact-finding missions in Las Vegas.

In this episode he tells us about what it was like training with the revered Professor Cerio - a legendary name in Kempo Karate in America who passed away at a young age, but not before contributing great developments to the style of kempo karate. Shihan James talks about some of the technicalities of Nick Cerios lineage and some exaggerations that may have been made and how that kind of thing can affect the discipline.

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