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19 - Interview with Master Arthur Rosenfeld - An authority on Eastern thinking for a Western World


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Master Arthur Rosenfeld is a contributor to national magazines including Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Parade has been seen on Fox News and other networks, and heard on numerous national radio programs. He also has a show featuring the benefits of Tai Chi on National PBS.

Rosenfeld's wisdom is hard-won. He began his training in the 1980s and has a strong reputation in the industry and an august martial lineage. A Yale graduate, he combines the scientific background and communication skills gained through post-graduate studies at Cornell and the University of California with real-world savvy gleaned from creative, high-level corporate positions.

In this two-part interview I speak with Master Rosenfeld about the history of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan which comes from Chen Village in China. All other styles of Tai Chi are said to trace their lineage back to this village. We talk about the early development of Tai Chi and how weapons have been incorporated since the very beginning in ways that I had never imagined.

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