Aka: Master Israel Velez III, Grandmaster Israel Velez III ,

Israel Velez III

Born: 1979 New Jersey United States
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Grandmaster Israel Velez is running the biggest martial arts tournament from now until April 16th. Check out the rules on israelvelez.com. Enter any martial arts break, kata, self-defense demo, kumite, weapons demo and see who is the world's fastest puncher. This will be a world wide international world championship. GM Velez founded the International Breaking Federation in 2009.

On May 27, 2016 Master Israel Velez was on the Hit TV Show @ Midnight on Comedy Central hosted by Chris Hardwick. Master Israel Velez's video was shown. The category was Dangerous Men. Master Israel Velez is "The Most Dangerous Man On YouTube".

Israel Velez founded the International Breaking Federation in 2009. In every tournament the best breakers from around the world compete for Autism Awareness. Master Velez is in the United States Martial Arts Hall Of Fame and is a world record holder in martial arts breaking. In June 2016 the IBF Tournament will honor Israel Velez, Jr., Milt Wallace and Pete Solomon. These martial artists passed away this past year.

Master Israel Velez III's father has passed away. Master Israel Velez, Jr. known to many around the world as being Master Israel Velez III's first martial arts instructor.
Master Israel Velez, Jr. was raised in Newark, New Jersey. He was captain of the wrestling team for Vailsburg High School in Newark, New Jersey. He grew a reputation for his street fighting ability. He studied Goju Ryu Karate, Kempo and Jujitsu. He also helped coach wrestling and football in Union, New Jersey. His son would grow up to be a breaking and self-defense world champion. His son was also inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Master Israel Velez, Jr. will forever be remembered as the Master Instructor of all those around the world who have learned his son's Velez Martial Arts Systems.

GM Israel Velez III hosts a weekly online radio show/podcast at www.talkshoe.com called Israel Velez's Power Hour. He covers martial arts, pro wrestling, action sports, political views and books. Past guests have been Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Don Underwood, Jason Johnson, Frank Dux, Ashida Kim, Ric Drasin and Tony Salvitti. He has been called "a great interviewer" and "a powerful host"! It is a very positive show and listeners can learn a thing or two.